Holiday Tree Safety

iStock_000035874916-175w.jpgFresh holiday trees are beautiful, smell great and really add to the spirit of the season. Following some proven safety tips might help you avoid a disaster and keep the Grinch away.

  • Select a tree with fresh green needles that don’t fall off when touched or when the trunk is tapped on the ground.
  • When trees are cut too early, they have a greater risk of drying out and can become ...
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Realize Tax Savings Sooner

Increase Allowances.pngA homeowner’s tax saving benefit is generally realized when they file their federal income tax return after the money has been spent for the interest and property taxes.  Some people look forward to the refund as a means of forced savings but some people need to realize the savings during the year.

It is possible to adjust the deductions being withheld from the homeowner’s salary so they realize the ...

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We’re very happy to announce “We have a new website!”

We listened to you and now it’s here! Much thought, design, code and new technology has went into creating it and there’s no doubt in our minds it will become your “go to” website for ALL your Real Estate needs!

Some Key features include:

  • Mobile and Touch Responsiveness – The website will transform depending on the medium (mobile? tablet?) you’re viewing the site with. (Try it – if you’re viewing this site on a larger screen shrink your browser view ...
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